Volunteer for RF2k15 ~ MIAMI:(BOOM!BOOM!)

Renn Fayre would not happen without all the awesome volunteers who help out each year. If you'd like to help out with one of these organizations, click on their name for more information and to sign up for a shift.

Alumnae Notice: Alumnae who volunteer for two shifts (totalling four hours) across any combination of Karma Patrol, Boundary Patrol, Pass Sales, Dome construction, and Feast, get a free pass to Renn Fayre. We will have a list of all the alumnae who have signed up for two shifts and you will be able to pick up your free pass from the pass sales window.


Karma is a student-run volunteer organization focused on promoting the wellbeing of the Reed community during Renn Fayre and Spring/Fall by facilitating access to resources and providing a supervised, substance- and judgment-free space for rest, relaxation, and support in accordance with the Honor Principle.

BOUNCERS (Boundary Patrol)

The Bouncer Squad is the volunteer security group that operates during Renn Fayre with a primary goal of maintaining the privacy of the "private party" that is Renn Fayre; that is, we act to assure that the only people on-campus during the weekend are students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. We work extensively with Community Safety to accomplish this goal.


In Renn Fayres past, the mess was so huge that it threatened the future of the party itself. The genesis of Klean Up Krew and the good work that they do has allowed for this Renn Fayre, and all future Renn Fayres, to happen.


Feast is the student run feeding powerhouse that takes place Saturday of Renn Fayre. The week leading up to Renn Fayre volunteers work hardcore to churn out the delectable menu the Feast Czars designed. It all culminates Saturday afternoon when you all chow down before the festivities of the night. We work intimately with Meatsmoke.


Volunteer to sell passes from the KRRC windows


Keeping the Good Folks of Renn Fayre Beer'd.

Geodesic Dome Con/De-struction

Do you like building? Do you like partying in the domes that are set up throughout the year at Reed? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, look no further!


A Safe, Sub-free, and Quiet space that needs attendants! Email Lauren Faris for details!



The Reed Stewards are meant to act as a middleman between CSOs and the Reed student body during campus events. Stewards will engage in bystander intervention, or contact CSOs, if someone is being harassed or subjected to unwanted advances (or other safety concerns, such as over-intoxication) at a campus party or dance. Feeling uncomfortable at a dance, and not sure if it's a big deal? Talk to a Steward!
Email Alexander Jimenez-Wieneke ASAP to apply! Email Henrik Mansfield for shift info!